Sara SilvaEngaged Dreamer

Sara has always lived between the city and the countryside in a relationship that led her to study and graduate in Landscape Architecture. She enjoys travelling and to observe with fresh eyes the ways of living of the places she visits. Nowadays she collects several passions such as her work, illustration, meditation and reading, taking these on with a taste for exploration. She is the co-founder of the project daRaiz which organizes Cidade+, an event on Sustainability and the Environment in the city of Porto. In this project she discovered a new passion: to take Sustainability to people and organizations through colaborative practices.

She is also the co-creator of the Awakened Life Project, a community that devotes themselves to the imagination and construction of a new culture rooted in the discovery of the integrality of life.

In the last years she developed a special interest for the transformation of the organizations’ relationship with their ecossystem, which led her to meet and join the Elefante na Sala project. Here she brings the Open Space Technology as a collaborative tool that catalyses actions and strengthens communities, and a will to share and built the utopia that brings us together.